ADAPT TO CHANGE – What Neuroscience teaches us about Change Management

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If the world is stable, remaining still can be the best strategy. But the world is not stable and becoming less and less predictable and certain everyday. The world is in constant flux. If we don’t want to vanish as our evolutionary cousins Neanderthals or other hominids – we must change with change.

💡Do you wanna learn more about Neuroscience of perception and why the brain hates changes?
💡What are the strategies for successful acceptance of change?
💡And how to become more flexible, positive and engaged in the face of constant change?

Learn how to flow with the flux during our Adapt to Change workshop with Olivia Hurbanova – positive sceptic, a lecturer and an educator, teaching her own concept of Future skills.

Olivia is trying to take a more complex approach to understand the complexity of human behavior, and she has been a passionate student of neurobiology and behavioral sciences for more than a decade.

👉|29.01.| 6:00PM |Campus City|👈

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