Campus Dev Talks #1

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Developers, listen up!

Campus Cowork is about to kick-off a brand new format – Campus Dev Talks! The pilot meetup belongs to JavaScript and we’ve prepared an interesting content for you.

Developing (or about to) a backend with microservice oriented architecture in Node.js? We’ll cover MoleculerJS framework so don’t miss out. In case you’re coming from a TypeScript world, how does the „no-compile TypeScript“ sound to you? Also, it’s about time to de-demonize writing unit tests using Jest to showcase how simple it is.


Dávid Frťala: Microservices easy with MoleculerJS
Dávid has been programming for over 10 yrs and he loves simplifying the development by choosing the right tools, frameworks and libraries. When it comes to developing a microservice architecture, it’s pretty challenging. So if you use Node.js, wouldn’t it be easier if you had a solid framework that would solve everything?

Ondrej Maksi: No-compile Typescript
Ondrej is a freelancer that writes JavaScript since before jQuery was cool. With him, you’ll learn how to enjoy Typescript with just your JS files and few comments.

Rudolf Halas: To Jest, or not to Jest?
Rudo is a passionate product-oriented engineer and entrepreneur. Developing robust web apps and leading teams boost his interest in new technologies, testing approaches and automation. Testing your code in an automated way is often perceived as difficult and mundane. But it doesn’t need to be if you test it the right way. And your clients will gladly pay you to do so!

Join us for the first ever Campus Dev Talks and strengthen the local dev community!

26.2 | 6:00PM | Campus City
IN COLLAB WITH: Jarvify, VESTBERRY, Naytrolabs, wezeo
GENERAL PARTNER: Slovenská sporiteľňa