Failures Behind Success Stories vol.1

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CCB is organising its 6th event focused on professional growth and personal development.

1. Tomáš Rosputinský, Staffino (CEO & Founder)
2. Peter Stadler, Wealth Effect Management (CEO & Founder)
3. 3rd speaker will be announced soon

1. Strategy Case Studies workshop (CCB Team)
2. Public Speaking Improvisation basics workshop (CCB Team & Palo Markovič)
3. 3rd workshop will be announced soon

The number of participants is limited, therefore please fill in the registration form:


Success. The Buzzword of the last 30 years

We respect and admire the people who have achieved succes and great accomplishments. We are certain to say, that no success is achieved without overcoming obstacles. It is not always possible to achieve the goal we set and we experience Failure.

Failure is not a prerequisite to success but most of the time, it is its integral part.

Steve Jobs has said: „No one wants to die, even people who want to go to the heaven do not want to die.“
We say: „No one wants to fail, even people who want to succeed do not want to fail.“

We are scared to fail. However, those who succeeded has confirmed that the biggest failures were the biggest experience and the most powerful learning.

Our goal with this event is to inspire young people to proactivity on their way to success and to show that failure is part of success.

This event is special because even though the topic is the same, the individual stories presented are fundamentally different.