FTRNW Conference 2019

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Bringing influential tech visionaries and the best startups to the heart of Europe.


FTRNW is FutureNow. A non – profit event platform gathering innovative thinkers, startups, tech enthusiasts and wider audience in Central Europe.
Our mission is to help build a wider inclusive innovation ecosystem across the CEE and thus inspire people of all ages to become entrepreneurs. Through our events, we are creating an inspirational and inclusive environment where techies, innovators, academia, corporates, students and even moms and dads interact in and form new unexpected connections. We believe, spreading innovation beyond startups is crucial but to do so we need to step outside from our bubbles.
9 years ago, we have started building the startup ecosystem in Slovakia from scratch, by creating Startup Awards, a local startup competition. Almost a decade later, we have become not only one of the biggest and most impactful Slovak startup event, but one of the largest national startup competitions in Europe. With the introduction of the FTRNW conference three years ago, the event has become the epicentre of a community of entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts in Slovakia.
From 2018 onwards, FTRNW serves as an umbrella for all of our activities: FTRNW Tuesdays, FTRNW Awards and FTRNW Conference.