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Fifth meetup of Inspired Business Club with a fresh networking activity and brand new keynote from Sukhi: HOW TO CREATE OR REVISE A BUSINESS PLAN?

Monthly events for entrepreneurs and professionals to meet interesting people and learn new skills by interacting in various networking activities. On top of that you will get inspired by top-notch business insights from a successful UK entrepreneur and award winning mentor Mr Sukhi Wahiwala.

Early bird tickets can be bought here:

First part of the evening is dedicated to networking exercises, games and short case studies enable members to get to know each other and their businesses more profoundly yet in an entertaining way. Also making them understand how potential cooperation can benefit each business, as the foundation of successful growth.

Second half of the meeting brings a chance to hear a keynote presentation by Sukhi Wahiwala. There will be a different topic every month, to give members something to take away and apply in their businesses. This is followed by a short Q&A session, which gives members a quick chance to unlock their current problem or look at an unbeatable challenge from a completely different viewpoint. Some months we may also bring other outstanding guest speakers from UK to share skills and inspiration.