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Remote work is on the rise and for some it has translated into an opportunity for extensive travel and life in far-away countries while maintaining and developing professional career at home. The emergence of the so-called digital nomad lifestyle is tempting, but does it carry any difficulties with it? Is my job suitable? And do I get to work from the beach?

Come and visit our panel discussion on the most pressing questions of location-independent work. We’ll be covering topics such as how to pick a destination, when to go, how to take care of things at home and useful stuff you can do online to make your life easier. We’ll be hosting four young professionals who have experienced these challenges and are willing to share their experience with you!

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Ján Slobodník
As a student in London, he began working remotely through the internet, and when he realized a notebook was all he needed, Ján began travelling extensively while working on his thesis, living in Morocco, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Peru in the span of a year. Since graduation, he began working in Bratislava as a writer for blockchain projects and is looking forward to once more hitting the road with his trusty Lenovo once fall arrives.

Silvia Puchovska
Marketer, founder of Studio Inbound, a creative business studio that helps businesses attract a target group via attractive content on webs, blogs and social media. For more than five years, Silvia has been blogging, starting from travel stories to remote and nomadic work. Silvia is a great fan of location-independent work, enjoys traveling and surfing. Currently living between Bratislava and surfer’s paradise – Bali.

Katarina Kureckova
Katka has worked as a journalist, DJ and radio presenter, campaign scripter, and she even tried a movie life. Working in advertising for more than 16 years, she has more than 25+ awards. However, she always felt the need to experience and enjoy her life more. That’s why she reacted to „ocean-calling“ and moved to Bali to pursue traditional Balinese dancing education while still working from there.

Tomas Griger
After 7 years of office work as a data analyst, he decided for a radical change, loaded all he had on his red scooter and went off traveling around Europe. While he was buzzing his way across Norwegian landscapes, he started uploading some of his travel photos not even knowing he had just started his future business. In years to come Tomáš started adding illustrations, animations, 3D models, timelapses and aerial footage. 6 years on, Tomáš currently owns one of the fastest growing portfolio of microstock images in the world and has just returned from more than a year long journey around New Zealand.

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