OpenBazaar workshop

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How to start your OpenBazaar e-shop!

Organizer: Pavol Lupták (if you want to share with your OpenBazaar experiences, please let me know!)

Learn how to:

* install and configure OpenBazaar client and server
* create your OpenBazaar profile and the first product/service listing
* receive and send bitcoins for your sales (using Bitcoin Trezor)
* choose and become a trusted moderator
* maintain your OpenBazaar business

After this workshop, we will see a cult „social engineering“ film Catch me if you can. The film is based on a true story about a young man who successfully fooled people into thinking that he is a pilot, pediatrician, and attorney. All this while forging checks worth $4 000 000. The amount of used social engineering is astonishing.

Join the decentralized e-commerce revolution!

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