Reactive Bratislava Meetups: 2016#7 | Adam Miskiewicz

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We’re inviting you to the seventh Reactive Bratislava Meetup! This meetup’s speaker will be Adam Miskiewicz.

You can ask Adam questions during a Q&A after his talk and talk to him during networking time with pizza and beer ;).

18:30 Registration
19:00 Opening
19:05 Building Native Mobile Apps in Pure JavaScript
19:55 Q&A
20:30 Pizza, Beer and Networking

Topic: Building Native Mobile Apps in Pure JavaScript

React Native is all the rage these days, and for good reason — it brought us the ability to write fully-native mobile applications using JavaScript. In addition, it’s architecture allows you to drop down to the native level as an escape hatch for custom functionality. But what if you constrained yourself to writing your app only in JavaScript? Let’s take a dive into Exponent, a platform for building great cross-platform mobile apps using only JavaScript, and explore the benefits (and of course potential downfalls) of this approach and the interesting opportunities unlocked by doing so.

About Adam:

Adam Miskiewicz is a software developer who spends (almost) every waking moment thinking about how to make mobile development better, faster, and easier.


Can’t make it? This meetup is part of Europe’s first Reactive Roadshow, featuring one of our Reactive speakers in a different city every day, for an entire week. You can meet Adam as well in:

Prague on 26th of September (

Brno on 27th of September (

Košice on 28th of September (