Rubyslava #54 (Gov Edition)

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Designing and managing a goverment IT project. Is really goverment full of lamers? (Peter Kulich)

What are major issues in implementation of a goverment IT project? What is an goverment IT project like? How do you design and manage a big IT project? Lessons learned and fails from ITMS2014+ project. What must be addressed and solved to make goverment IT projects succeed?

Tags: goverment, agile, scrum, lean, iterative development, UX, public procurement, 18F, github, open data

How we build ITMS2014+ and did not pay for software licences (Martin Kováčik)

The architecture of goverment project ITMS2014+ and why it is build on opensource. Lessons learned from the internals of ITMS2014+ project, the development proces, code reviews and some interesting statistics.

Tags: Java, PostgreSQL, Spring, Apache Wicket, Jetty, Querydsl, Hibernate, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Git, Go

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