Startup CFO Night

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The role of CFOs in established companies is well understood, however the role of CFOs in the startup world raises several questions:

Does a startup need a CFO?
When is the right time to hire a CFO?
What are the challenges of finding the right CFO?
What should be the areas of responsibility of a CFO?
Why should a CFO want to work for a startup?

Panel 1: Roman Čmelík (Limerock), Andrej Kiska (Credo Ventures), Michael Schuster (Speedinvest), Ivan Štefunko (Neulogy Ventures), Radoslav Vašina (Investeers, Fond FIT), moderated by Martin Kaša (KPMG)

Panel 2: Miroslav Cino (CFO of C2i), Tomáš Klempai (COO of Websupport) and others (TBC), moderated by Katarína Virčíková (CFO of Sandberg Capital)