Web apps security basics for freelancers and startups

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Internet is a wild place. Daily, malicious robot attempts on your web apps may result in defacements, data exfiltration or code execution. So investors or customers want you to make sure that the web application you’re working on is safe. But wait, there are no security requirements defined. So how can a developer work in a world of unclear security requirements and unknown threats?

Security is a very complex topic, even if we boil it down to the basics. This workshop provides first directed steps and „best-of“ practices for developers who are trying to quickly improve the security posture. Disclaimer: The audience should be familiar at least with basic programming concepts.

Speaker: Martin Orem
Martin is the co-founder of Binary House and has several years of experience in information securityThe bulk of his professional career has been focused on application security and cryptography. He worked as a penetration tester/security consultant for several companies.

25.2 | 6:00PM | Campus Mlyny
GENERAL PARTNER: Slovenská sporiteľňa