Why does social entrepreneurship matter?

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Impact HUB and U.S. EMBASSY in Bratislava are glad to invite you to expert event and discussion “Why does social entrepreneurship matter?” with founder and President of Empowered Women International – Marga Fripp.

Social entrepreneurship has become increasingly more mainstream over the past decade and has great potential to address and provide solutions to the many problems we face today. It can maintain the balance of mission and business, can become a powerful tool to combat systemic issues and problems that manifest from local to global scales.


4:45 p.m. registration
5p.m. to 6 p.m.Marta Fripp pitch & discution
after 6 pm private consulting for 3 chosen projects
Please, register through the provided link on Eventbrite.

The event will be organized together with the support U.S. EMBASSY in Bratislava.

About the speaker MARGA FRIPP:

An internationally recognized social entrepreneur and consultant in women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship, Marga Fripp has founded and grown change-making organizations, both in her native Romania and in the Washington DC Metro Area.

She is a former broadcast journalist who over the past two decades dedicated her life to empower women and solve social problems through innovation, arts and entrepreneurship. She was banned from broadcasting in Romania in 1996 due to her political views, then went on to create a non-profit to counteract domestic violence and sexual assault, and promote legislation to protect women from domestic abuse. She was only 23 years old when she founded the Association for the Promotion of Women Romania. Six years later, Marga’s non-profit legislative advocacy efforts lead to a Domestic Violence Bill signed into law by the Romanian Parliament, in May 2003.

On Sept 20, 2001, nine days after 9/11, Marga immigrated with her family to access life-saving medical treatment for her newborn son. After she experienced firsthand the plight of immigrant women, Marga created Empowered Women International (EWI), a non-profit organization in the Greater Washington, DC area to give voice and create entrepreneurial opportunities for immigrant, refugee and low-income women. Marga trained, mentored and coached thousands of women entrepreneurs and artists in the US and internationally. She empowered them to rebuild their lives, and to start and grow businesses that fuel innovation, personal growth and social change.

During her 13 years as the CEO of EWI, Marga’s passionate and visionary leadership turned the organization from a volunteer-run program to an award-winning organization with more than 3,500 supporters, over 2,500 women beneficiaries, over 300 micro-businesses started by immigrant and low-income women and more than 5 million dollars generated in in-kind professional services. Marga currently trains and mentors women leaders, entrepreneurs and artists locally and internationally. She is an inspiring speaker in the fields of entrepreneurship, leadership, women’s empowerment and self-development.

Marga has completed a graduate certification in Business Administration at the Open University, U.K., and holds a BA in Communication/Journalism from the University of Maryland University College.