Do you know who are you talking to?

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Do you know who you are talking to?

Have you ever thought about why with someone you „click“ from the first moment you meet and with the others not so much? Every person is unique and at the same time, each of us primarily belongs into one of four personality types. Our type then influences the way we communicate and our personal strengths we can leverage at work. When we know what type our client or colleague is, we can tailor our communication so that it is better accepted and we can be on the same wave. Knowing these types and adapting our communication can promote our relationships as well as our business.

At the workshop, you will get to know 4 communication types and look at how to communicate effectively with each one of them.

Speaker: Simona Socratousova
Media Partner: Startitup

Worked in HR field since 2011, gaining experience in recruiting, onboarding process, assessment centers and people development through trainings, workshops and team buildings. Through her professional journey she had the chance to get to know various corporate cultures and HR processes from companies of different size (from 5, 20,50,350 and 1000 employees).

These together with her passion in personal development and people development makes her a great fit as a trainer and HR professional with clients of various sizes and fields.

She lead trainings in an interactive and entertaining way based on experiential learning, discussions, sharing best practices among individuals, as well as developing concrete action plans that will encourage the transfer of knowledge into practice and help in creating new habits.