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TechSummit 2017 – Leading innovative conference in V4

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We have created a platform for innovative ecosystem in Slovakia with ambition to look for distributive channels and opportunity for digital export of Slovak innovators.

We are creating an opportunity for bilateral meetings, synergies and networking of all concerned parties starting from state representatives, businessmen, innovators, universities, scientists and in last years the often mentioned startup companies.

We take work and creation of opportunities for next generations very seriously and thus Student award innovation will be given at the event.

TechSummit 2017 will carry in spirit of imparted but clear idea: “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near. – Jack Welch”


Dušan Chrenek (SK) – Head of Representation of the European Commission in Slovakia

Rami Efrati (IL) – Former Head of Industry at the INCB

Rainer Hasenauer (AT) – WU Wien

Professor James Barlow (UK) – Chair in Technology and Innovation Management, Business School

… and many more… 120 SPEAKERS from 10 countries in 2 days!


• V4 Cyber Security
• Smart city & regions
• IoT/ ICT Enterprise
• Industry 4.0
• Biomed Healtec
• Fintech Summit
• Startup stage
• Support and Financial instruments

=== V4 Cyber Security ===

The current readyness of subjects in the V4 region, in the terms of IT security, is falling behind since it lacks common ground for discussion and development of solutions. At present, V4 region has many small companies, sectors and professionals working in this industry. However, everyone is missing one key element – a basis on which they can let know a large number of businesses and government groups about potential threats and risks hidden in cyberspace and which affect their daily lives. Entrepreneurs are particularly vulnerable, since only a very small part of them use currently available solutions for protecting themselves and identities in the online environment. This problem is common for all of the V4 countries, which should deal with it together.

=== Smart city & regions ===

Speakers from Finland, Austria and Slovakia will present a successful deployment of smart concepts and their significance in practice.
1. Needs and bottlenecks from city perspective
2. Smart traffic
3. Smart energetics
4. Smart architecture
5. Data in Smart Cities

=== IoT/ ICT Enterprise ===

Speakers from Austria, Norway, United Kingdom and Slovakia will show you their successful ideas and integrations into corporate and state processes.

=== Industry 4.0 ===

Great examples of integration from Germany, Slovakia and other countries.


1. Technical solutions of today and tomorrow
2. Software solutions for Industry 4.0
3. Robotics in Industry
4. Additive manufacturing

=== Biomed Healtec ===

Biomed Healtec Summit is a basis for innovators and providers of the healthcare and government.

=== Fintech Summit ===

The subconference will be about finance and fintech tools.


1. Fintech tools 3. Startups
2. Financial support for startups
3. Startups
4. Networking

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