Hac­ker, ktorý nabú­ral Apple pre­ho­vo­ril

Šandi / 2. september 2014 / Tools a produktivita

Daily mail uve­rej­nil pre­pis kon­ver­zá­cie hac­kera, ktorý prav­de­po­dobne stojí za nabú­ra­ním do množ­stva fotiek sve­to­vých celebs. 

Guys, just to let you know I didn’t do this by myself,” the alle­ged lead hac­ker wrote. “There are seve­ral other people who were in on it and I needed to count on to make this hap­pe­ned. This is the result of seve­ral months of long and hard work by all invol­ved. We app­re­ciate your dona­ti­ons and app­laud your exci­te­ment. I will soon be moving to anot­her loca­tion from which I will con­ti­nue to post.”

It’s been a night­mare and I haven’t slept in 34 hours, now. 4chan users are haras­sing me with non-stop phone calls and emails. They email me cons­tan­tly, emai­ling say­ing they’ll hack my per­so­nal web­si­tes and keep cal­ling my phone, cal­ling me a fag and then han­ging up. They also said they’ll hack my mom’s site, so I took it down.”

I regret it so much,” . “I didn’t even get any bit­coin out of it. It’s the stu­pi­dest thing I’ve done and I hope it won’t ruin my life, though it pro­bably will since it’s just the big­gest news story.”

Bryan Hamade, 26

Nech už je to ako­koľ­vek, jediný kto utr­pel okrem pár desia­tok celeb­rít je Apple, ktorý si vždy dáva pozor na svoje pozi­tívne PR a obraz naj­bez­peč­nej­šieho ope­rač­ného sys­tému, tak môže utr­peť veľkú ranu. No z dlho­do­bej per­spek­tívy to na Apple bude mať len mini­málny dopad. 

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