Behind the scenes of Event management

Popis udalosti

Event management, is currently an increasingly popular marketing theme. Concerts, festivals, scientific conferences, hackathons or even stand up comedies. We can all put it here.

Many ‘non event types’ think that designing and producing an event is easy, isn’t it? Just find a venue, come up with a good theme, get some food and drink, book a band, and send the invites out on time.

Unfortunately, like many things that seem simple, creating a successful event requires A LOT OF hard work and a diverse range of skills and experiences whether you’re organizing a friend’s B-day party or an international conference.

💡So how does the world of event management really look like?
💡What you need to be careful about organizing the event?
💡How to solve the situation when not everything is going according to plan?

All these questions will be answered by Rado Masaryk. He has been working as an Artist Guide/Promoter Representative for the biggest summer music festivals, so chances are he led your favourite band to the stage. 😎

Rado will share some of the behind-the-scenes pleasures and pains, as well as tips and tricks how to make events awesome! 😉

GENERAL PARTNER: Slovenská sporiteľňa