Creativity is the skill of the future

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Do you think you’re creative enough to succeed in the future digital era?
How about examining your own skills by working on some practical tasks and get feedback directly at the event hosted by our speaker Jord Nikov?

Jord will talk about changing marketing trends in the near future. After observing interesting insights from the online world and the most probable marketing evolution among next years, you’ll join brainstorming in groups with a goal to sufficiently fulfill the task that you’ll be given.

No need to be afraid, there’s no bad or right answers, only the unlimited creativity and imagination, innovative ideas and using your knowledge to present the best possible solutions. You’ll discuss your findings not only with your colleagues in groups but also with Jord, who will push your project in the right direction.

Jord’s portfolio is full of work experiences with huge brands, such as Wiktor Leo Burnett, MUW Saatchi & Saatchi, and JANDL, working for clients like Telekom, Orange or the worldwide known fashion brand Nehera. Currently, he leads creative department in Work&Hugs agency that provides its clients with business consultations and effective solutions.

Take the opportunity to join us on this exciting event and enhance your advertising skills to the next level.

Event will be held in the Slovak language.