TechCamp on Increasing Digital Literacy and Critical Thinking Skills

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Embassy Bratislava seeks a partner organization to host a TechCamp on Increasing Digital Literacy and Critical Thinking Skills. This project will involve organizing a two – day workshop focused on providing journalists, civil society activists, and tech experts from Visegrad 4 (V4) countries with resources and ideas to use digital media combat the spread of disinformation and conspiracy theories filtering into the region. Through TechCamp, the Embassy will encourage participants to work together to develop creative ideas to identify, monitor and counter
disinformation, to promote objective media reporting on current events, and to encourage critical thinking among
TechCamp is a two-day, interactive training event (usually held in collaboration with a U.S. embassy or consulate abroad) which, by virtue of its flexibility, can be adapted to abroad variety of themes. TechCamp aims to raise the digital literacy of a particular segment of society (for example: activists, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), journalists, women entrepreneurs, representatives of the business community and IT sector, ordinary citizens etc.) by connecting participants with technologists from around the world who help address unique challenges using innovative technology solutions. The objective of TechCamp is to encourage participants to reflect upon the most pressing challenges they face in their everyday work, brainstorm ideas with technologists and co-create solutions on the spot.