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KPMG a obzvlášť jeho mana­ging par­tner Ken­neth Ryan sa už dlh­šiu dobu anga­žujú na slo­ven­skej star­tu­po­vej scéne. Poda­rilo sa nám spo­jiť s Kenom a spý­tať sa ho na pro­jekt KPMG Star­tup Stu­dio, ktorý roz­behli práve na pod­poru slo­ven­ských star­tu­pov.

Pred­stav nám ideu KPMG Stu­dia, čo to vlastne je, za akým úče­lom to vzniklo a kto je jeho súčas­ťou? /Ken, intro­duce the idea behind The Star­tup Stu­dio – What is it? Why was it cre­a­ted? Who is part of it?

The Star­tup Stu­dio in itself is an inter­nal inno­va­tion wit­hin KPMG in Slo­va­kia. We embra­ced the idea of a long term inves­tment into star­tup foun­ders. We refi­ned our pro­duct offe­rings for the needs of star­tups and alig­ned our fee struc­ture to star­tups’ com­mer­cial suc­cess. 

We have been wor­king with big busi­nes­ses all across the globe for over a cen­tury. We have seen our clients grow, adapt, trans­form and, at times, fail. We use our topic exper­tise, expe­rience, con­tacts, and our network of experts at KPMG offi­ces all around the globe to sup­port Slo­vak star­tups and make sure foun­ders are pre­pa­red to scale their busi­nes­ses, raise fun­ding, expand abo­ard and, when the time is right, exit in the most effi­cient man­ner possible.

Each startup’s needs are uni­que so we aim at making the sup­port we pro­vide com­ple­tely tai­lor-made. A more detai­led over­view of expert areas our team covers is avai­lable here.

Aká je tvoja úloha v rámci Stu­dia? /What is your role in The Star­tup Stu­dio?

I cre­a­ted the idea and work with my team on a daily basis to deli­ver value to our clients – indi­vi­dual star­tups and their foun­ders.

V akom štá­diu sa musí star­tup nachá­dzať, aby vás mohol oslo­viť? – At what stage does a star­tup need to be to be able to app­ro­ach The Star­tup Stu­dio?

Some teams take time to grow, others find their way very quickly so it’s not about the stage of deve­lop­ment. It’s about founder’s (or foun­ders’) ambi­tion, quality of the team, and a com­bi­ned drive of all indi­vi­du­als invol­ved. Of course, pro­duct and its poten­tial count as well. We select star­tups where our exper­tise can bring true value-added for both startup’s and founder’s (or foun­ders’) gro­wth. 

Čo všetko môžu star­tupy v spo­lu­práci s vami zís­kať? – What could star­tups get via col­la­bo­ra­ting with you? 

If a par­ti­cu­lar star­tup needs any kno­wledge we as KPMG have inter­nally, we will make sure it is used in the most effec­tive and effi­cient way possible. The range is pre­tty broad – ove­rall, 3 areas are cove­red:

  1. Cor­po­rate set-up: for exam­ple, estab­lish­ment of legal enti­ties and pre­pa­ra­tion of sha­re­hol­der agre­e­ments.
  2. Rai­sing finan­cing: ana­ly­sis of founder’s opti­ons, valu­ation, inves­tor deck struc­tu­ring, inves­tor nego­tia­ti­ons, cons­truc­tion of finan­cial models and cor­po­rate gover­nance struc­tu­ring. 
  3. Foun­ders: busi­ness and lea­ders­hip skill deve­lop­ment, networ­king, per­so­nal tax struc­tu­ring, men­to­ring.

This is just a basic over­view – we are always avai­lable to meet and dis­cuss whet­her our capa­ci­ties can cover your startup’s needs.

Vedia sa Slo­ven­ské star­tupy orien­to­vať, keď príde na láma­nie chleba, teda komu­ni­ká­ciu s inves­tormi a následný foun­drai­sing? – Can Slo­vak star­tups find their way when it comes to inves­tor com­mu­ni­ca­tion, fun­drai­sing, etc.? 

Star­tups we are col­la­bo­ra­ting with seem to be doing just fine wit­hin this space :)

S koľ­kými star­tupmi v súčas­nosti spo­lu­pra­cu­jete? – How many star­tup are you cur­ren­tly wor­king with? 

We cur­ren­tly have over 15 star­tups wit­hin The Star­tup Stu­dio inc­lu­ding Aero­Mo­bil, Data­mo­lino, c2i, Next­Byte and Tap­Home.

Je ešte nie­kto, kto sa z veľ­kej štvorky venuje aj star­tu­pom? – Is there any­one else from Big 4 who works with star­tups?

The star­tup space is very inte­res­ting, exci­ting and pro­mi­sing for repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of our indus­try. Des­pite this, I am not aware of any prog­rams simi­lar to The Star­tup Stu­dio in Slo­va­kia.

Ktoré slo­ven­ské star­tupy maju podľa teba poten­ciál prek­va­piť a uro­biť dieru do sveta? –Which Slo­vak star­tups have a chance to really make it big glo­bally?

We stron­gly believe in all star­tups part of The Star­tup Stu­dio. Those we select to work with must have real poten­tial to make it big at some stage. We are sure there are many other teams with sig­ni­fi­cant oppor­tu­ni­ties – we look for­ward to mee­ting them.

Ako podľa teba vyzerá dobrý/úspešný star­tup? Je dôle­ži­tej­šie mať dobrú myš­lienku, byť na správ­nom mieste, alebo niečo iné? –How would you desc­ribe a “good/successful star­tup”? Is it impor­tant to have a good idea? To be at the right place? Somet­hing else?

Abi­li­ties of the mana­ge­ment team are key. (1) The team must not only have the kno­wledge neces­sary for ini­tial sta­ges but should also have the capa­city to work har­der every day and learn fas­ter (or at least as fast as) your star­tup has the capa­city to grow. (2) Anot­her impor­tant cha­rac­te­ris­tic which should be pre­sent is the capa­city to unders­tand that there are things that you (as a foun­der) or your team don’t have to know to make it big. Take a look around – there are exter­nal experts and men­tors who can pro­vide essen­tial sup­port and thus allow your team to focus on things they are really good at. (3) More­over, foun­ders and their teams need to unders­tand their limi­ta­ti­ons, fore­see them and be pre­pa­red to cover poten­tial gaps – wit­hout this it will be hard to make any star­tup sus­tai­nable. 

Čo ťa v živote inšpi­ruje?– What ins­pi­res you in life? 

My Dad. In 1967 he had to make his own star­tup work to edu­cate me and my sib­lings. I would really like to see that my kids and all the kids part of the KPMG i-Kid prog­ram also find such a strong source of ins­pi­ra­tion, moti­va­tion and endu­rance one day.

A quote. Jack Welch’s “When the rate of change on the out­side is fas­ter than inside, the end is near”. This is equ­ally rele­vant for cor­po­ra­tes, star­tups, inves­tors, individuals…It is essen­tial to keep the pace and, if possible, stay (at least) one step ahead.

Na záver si neod­pus­tím moju obľú­benú otázku :). Čo pre teba zna­mená por­tál Star­ti­tup? – What is our por­tal to you?

With its great design it’s “a go to place” for some of the most impor­tant star­tup upda­tes. I hope that one day it will grow into “the go to place” which covers all news wit­hin the star­tup space (and not only in Slo­va­kia) :) We at KPMG wish you good luck!

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