Zoznam doku­men­tár­nych fil­mov, kto­ré sú na inter­ne­te zadar­mo

Dárius Polák / 6. mája 2016 / Zaujímavosti

Sú zau­jí­ma­vým žán­rom vo fil­mo­vej pro­duk­cii. V bran­dži nie sú oce­ňo­va­né ale­bo zná­me až tak moc ako pro­dukč­né fil­my z Hol­ly­wo­odu, hoci sú všet­ky auten­tic­ké, bez herec­ké­ho ume­nia. Tu je 100 doku­men­tov s vyše 80 hodi­no­vým obsa­hom, kto­rý ti obo­ha­tí deň.

Kre­a­ti­vi­ta a dizajn

Eve­ryt­hing Is A Remix

The Cre­a­ti­ve Brain: How Insight Works

Tea­ching to See

Design: The New Busi­ness

Pre­ss­Pau­seP­lay: Art and Cre­a­ti­vi­ty in the Digi­tal Age

Infa­my: A Graf­fi­ti Docu­men­ta­ry

Influ­en­cers: How Trends and Cre­a­ti­vi­ty Beco­me Con­ta­gi­ous

RIP: A Remix Mani­fes­to

Design: e&³2; — Sus­tai­nab­le Archi­tec­tu­re

The Genius Of Design


Digi­tál­na revo­lú­cia

Down­lo­ad: The True Sto­ry of the Inter­net

The Age of Big Data

Reso­nan­ce: Beings of Fre­qu­en­cy

Life In A Day

Networ­ked Socie­ty: On The Brink

Us Now: Social Media and Mass Col­la­bo­ra­ti­on

Wiki­Re­bels: The Wiki­Le­aks Sto­ry

The Vir­tu­al Revo­lu­ti­on: The Cost of Free

How Hac­kers Chan­ged the World



Owned and Ope­ra­ted


The Power Prin­cip­le

The True Sto­ry of Che Gue­va­ra

Earth Days

Capi­ta­lism Is The Cri­sis

Wiki­Le­aks: The Sec­ret Life of a Super­po­wer

The Putin Sys­tem

The War On Democ­ra­cy

Rise Like Lions: Occu­py Wall Stre­et and the Seeds of Revo­lu­ti­on



Ray Kur­zwe­il: The Trans­cen­dent Man

How Robots Will Chan­ge the World

Human 2.0: Mind Con­trol Machi­ne

Tech­no­lo­gy of the Futu­re

Tran­ce-For­ma­ti­on: The Futu­re of Huma­ni­ty

The Venus Pro­ject: Futu­re By Design

Bio­nics, Trans­hu­ma­nism And The End Of Evo­lu­ti­on

The Sin­gu­la­ri­ty Is Near

Car Tech­no­lo­gy Of The Futu­re

Powe­ring The Futu­re: The Ener­gy Revo­lu­ti­on



Lord Of The Rings: Facts Behind The Fic­ti­on

Cosm: Alex Gray’s Visi­ona­ry Art

Jean Michel Basqu­iat: The Radiant Child

New Art and the Young Artists Behind It

Sal­va­dor Dali: A Mas­ter of the Modern Era

How Art Made The World: More Human Than Human

The Day Pic­tu­res Were Born

Guns, Germs and Ste­el

Off-Book: Digi­tal Age Cre­a­ti­vi­ty

This Is Modern Art


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Kor­po­rát­ne média

Wea­pons of Mass Decep­ti­ons

Sec­rets of the Superb­rands

Orwell Rolls in his Gra­ve

The Eso­te­ric Agen­da


The Myth of the Libe­ral Media: The Pro­pa­gan­da Model of News

Manu­fac­tu­ring Con­sent: Noam Chom­sky and the Media

Sym­bo­lism in Logos: Sub­li­mi­nal Mes­sa­ges or Ancient Arche­ty­pes

Edward Sno­wden: A Truth Unve­i­led

Out­fo­xed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Jour­na­lism



The Human Brain

The Truth About Exer­ci­se

How To Live To 101

Glo­be­si­ty: Fat’s New Fron­tier

The War On Health

The Beau­ti­ful Truth

Food Inc.

The Truth About Food

Addic­ted To Ple­a­su­re: Sugar

The Living Mat­rix



How Smart Can We Get?

The Scien­ce of Lust

DNA: The Sec­ret of Life

What Are Dre­ams?

A Virus Cal­led Fear

Bey­ond Thought (Awa­re­ness Itself)

The Human Brain

Super­con­sci­ous Mind: How To Doub­le Your Brain’s Per­for­man­ce

How Does Your Memo­ry Work?

Sec­rets of the Mind

Woman with psychologist

Život­né pro­stre­die


Blue Gold: World Water Wars


Shift: Bey­ond the Num­bers of the Cli­ma­te Cri­sis

All Things Are Con­nec­ted

The Fight For Ama­zo­nia

Flow: For Love Of Water

Here Comes the Sun

The World Accor­ding To Mon­san­to

The Sto­ry of Stuff

Greenpeace activists arrange the letters delivering the message "Time for Change: The Future is Renewable" next to the hummingbird geoglyph in Nazca, Peru, Monday, Dec. 8, 2014. Greenpeace activists from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Germany, Italy and Austria displayed the message, which can be viewed from the sky, during the climate talks in Peru, to honor the Nazca people, whose ancient geoglyphs are one of the countries cultural landmarks. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd)

Zdroj: Nzu­be Geor­ge Oko­ye

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